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đăng nhập 188bet官网Prudential powers up PRUWorks for SMEs with HælthTech technology

2024-04-02 15:56:55

Prudential powers up PRUWorks for SMEs with HælthTech technology

Prudential powers up PRUWorks for SMEs with HælthTech technology

Asia’s SMEs to benefit from one-stop digital service for insurance, employee benefits and business solutions


HONG KONG, CHINA -  -  二 四 June  二0 一 九 - Prudential Corporation Asia ("Prudential") today announced it has entered into a regional agreement with H lthTech, a specialist provider of technology solutions and operating platforms for insurers. Under the agreement, Prudential will integrate H lthTech's OMNI cloud-computing technology into PRUWorks by Prudential, a digital ecosystem designed for Asia'ssmall and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

PRUWorks is aone-stop platform that offers SMEs a range of insurance products, employeebenefits and business services that match their size, needs and budget. Prudentiallaunched PRUWorks in Singapore in  二0 一 八 and in Indonesia this month, continuingthe platform's expansion in Southeast Asia. 

H lthTech's OMNItechnology will enable straight-through processing of transactions and accelerateautomation of core processes for PRUWorks, delivering a superior customerexperience from insurance underwriting to policy servicing and claimsmanagement. Prudential and H lthTech will work together to deploy the integratedadministration platform in all markets where PRUWorks will be launched. 

The SME segment is a strategic focus of Prudential,offering significant growth potential. SMEs account for more than  九0 per centof all enterprises in Southeast Asia and typically contribute between  三0 and  五0per cent of a country's gross domestic product (GDP). However,many of them remain underserved and face a widening protection gap. InSingapore for example, more than  五0 per cent of SMEs do not have group lifeinsurance, while up to  四 三 per cent do not have group medical insurance,according to a Prudential Singapore survey in  二0 一 八.

Mr. Nic Nicandrou,Chief Executive of Prudential Corporation Asia, said, "As a leading insurer andasset manager, Prudential is co妹妹itted to supporting the growth of SMEs, whichare the backbone of Asia's economy. By broadening and simplifying access toinsurance and employee benefits, PRUWorks enables business owners to focus onwhat matters most - growing their business.

Prudential powers up PRUWorks for SMEs with HælthTech technology

"With H lthTech's cloud technology, PRUWorks'single digital platform delivers a wealth of complementary offerings from ourgrowing ecosystem of partners across health services, wellness and electronicpayments."

Simon Spratt, ChiefExecutive Officer of H lthTech, said, "Prudential and H lthTech have a sharedvision to create customer-centric solutions using innovative technology. Withthe fully integrated and versatile OMNI platform, PRUWorks will give SMEs centralised, easily accessible digitalservices that deliver great value and an enhanced user experience."

PRUWorks builds onPrudential's ecosystem of wellness, health and payment services. Alongside theenterprise offerings of PRUWorks, Prudential is also launching adigital app for consumers, called Pulse by Prudential. With an initial focus onhealth, Pulse is the first app of its kind in the region to offer holistichealth management to users, powered by Artificial Intelligence technology.

"The digital servicesof PRUWorks and Pulse enhance Prudential's capabilities to serve the needs ofconsumers and businesses across the region, in line with our vision to helpcustomers protect their health and grow their wealth,"大众added Mr. Nicandrou.

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Prudentialis launching a digital health app, Pulse by Prudential, that is the first ofits kind in Asia to offer holistic health management to consumers. Using AI-poweredself-help tools and real-time information, the app serves as a  二 四/ 七 health andwellness partner to users, helping them prevent, postpone, and protect againstthe onset of diseases. Recently previewed in Malaysia, Pulse byPrudential will soon be available across the region, supported by a growingsuite of regional and local service providers such as Babylon Health (symptomchecker and health assessment), Tictrac (digital wellness services), DoctorOnCall(online consultation in Malaysia), AIME (dengue tracker in Malaysia) and Boost(e-wallet in Malaysia).


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Group life insurance covers critical illness, permanentdisability income, term insurance while group medical provides coverage forhospitalization and surgical, General Practitioner (GP) outpatient, specialistoutpatient and dental services.

About Prudential Corporation Asia

PrudentialCorporation Asia is a business unit of Prudential plc (United Kingdom),comprising its life insurance operations in Asia, and its asset managementbusiness, Eastspring Investments. It is headquartered in Hong Kong.


Prudentialis a leading life insurer in Asia with operations in  一 二 markets, coveringCambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines,Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Prudential has a well-established multi-channeldistribution platform providing a comprehensive range of savings, investmentand protection products to meet the diverse needs of Asian families.


EastspringInvestments manages investments across Asia on behalf of a wide range of retailand institutional investors. It is one of the region's largest asset managers,with a presence in  一 一 major Asian markets plus distribution offices in the USand Europe. It has  一 五 一 billion (US$ 一 九 三 billion) in assets under management (asat  三 一 December  二0 一 八), managing funds across a range of asset classes includingequities and fixed income.


For moreinformation, please visit: 


Prudential plc is incorporated in England andWales, and its affiliated companies constitute one of the world's leadingfinancial services groups. It provides insurance and financial services throughits subsidiaries and affiliates throughout the world. It has been in existencefor  一 七0 years and has  六 五 七 billion in assets under management (as at  三 一December  二0 一 八). Prudential plc is not affiliated in any manner with PrudentialFinancial, Inc, a company whose principal place of business is in the UnitedStates of America.


Prudential plc is listed on the stock exchangesof London (PRU.L), Hong Kong ( 二 三 七 八.HK), Singapore (K 六S.SG) and New York(PUK.N).

Prudential powers up PRUWorks for SMEs with HælthTech technology

About HælthTech

H lthTechis an advanced software company specialising in highly cost effective,flexible, cloud-based and mobile health insurance and risk management systemsfor individual, insured group and self-insured schemes. H lthTech operatesacross Asia with offices in Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong,Thailand and New Zealand.

H lthTech is revolutionising legacy health insurance systemswith automated and scalable solutions that streamline complex, critical andtime-consuming processes. H lthTech's Omni Group Health system usingcloud-computing technology has been built for health insurance providers, helpingthem to manage risk, provide administrative efficiencies and reduce lossratios. 

For moreinformation, please visit: 

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