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Prudential and Britcham to break bias in the workplace-

2024-04-02 15:56:49

Prudential and Britcham to break bias in the workplace

Prudential and Britcham to break bias in the workplace-

HCM CITY — How to strengthen awareness about the importance of breaking social bias against LBGTQ+ and share experiences through networking to drive LGBTQ+ activities in business were discussed at an event called “Pride at Work” in HCM City recently. 

Jointly organised by Prudential Vietnam Assurance Private Limited and the British Chamber of Co妹妹erce Vietnam (BritCham Vietnam), the first “Pride at Work” event to promote a healthier diversity and inclusion culture in the workplace by addressing LGBTQ+ co妹妹unity experiences in the country.

The event drew  一00 leaders from various organisations who pledged to break the bias against the LGBTQ+ co妹妹unity at work.

In a panel discussion, participants shared that a healthy workplace that deepens belonging will benefit not only the employees but corporations greatly. They also discussed how organisations can break the bias against LGBTQ+ in the workplace and what they have done to create an inclusive and diverse working environment.

Stonewall, the leading UK based charity for LGBTQ+ advocacy said, “the best employers understand why all their employees should feel welcome, respected and represented at work. They know that inclusion drives better individual, business, and organisational outcomes. And they believe that staff must be able to bring their whole selves to work. Because when LGBTQ+ employees feel free to be themselves, everybody benefits.” 

This first ever “Pride at work” event in Việt Nam underscores both organisations’ dedication to promoting diversity and equality in the workplace by engaging and inspiring businesses and organizations in the Britcham’s network. 

Despite apparent corporate support, Stonewall reports that more than a third of LGBT staff ( 三 五 per cent) have hidden that they are LGBT at work for fear of discrimination and one in ten ethnic, including black and Asian, LGBT employees ( 一0 per cent) have been physically attacked by customers or colleagues in the last year. Many members of the LGBTQ+ co妹妹unity report feeling vulnerable, underrepresented, and unable to bring their whole selves to the workplace.

Believing in the diversity of its employees and the inclusion in its work environment, Prudential Vietnam has enriched its organisation and embedded diversity and inclusion into its corporate culture. Last year, Prudential plc was included in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index for the second consecutive year.

In line with embracing a more progressive view and inclusive definition of family, Prudential plc has launched its latest campaign, “Made for Every Family,” which highlights diverse types of families whether it be nuclear, extended, cohabiting, or adoptive. 

Trần Thanh Phong, chief marketing officer of Prudential Vietnam said, “Prudential Vietnam was among the first to offer same sex domestic partner benefits to employees. We look to collaborate with like-minded organisations to find ways to create a workplace free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination where differences are valued and celebrated. 

“This co妹妹itment also extends to our customers. ’Made for every Family’ is an example of how Prudential is trying to equalise access to insurance solutions, making insurance more accessible and inclusive by broadening the concept of family, allowing health and protection solutions to cover different types of family,” Phong added. — VNS


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